Bethel Coaching is a group of professional coaches who are knit in heart with revival at the Bethel Church and its global network.

Our vision is to teach, train and grow with the skills and concepts of coaching coupled with the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. Coaching is modeled after the way Jesus asked powerful questions, listened to the heart and challenged people to the greatness that is within them. Coaching tools and techniques facilitate transformation through improved communication skills and by increasing honor and empowerment of others. Coaching tools are ideally applied within ministries, church and business leadership, families and teams. To that end Bethel Coaching offers a variety of learning opportunities to introduce and cultivate coaching skills for individuals in all walks of life

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Coach Training

Bethel Coaching brings the excellence of coaching skills to the revival movement.

We offer 6-8 coaching workshops per year that may be applied toward our Coaching Certificate, which indicates you have received coach training unique to Bethel’s culture and mission. Our workshops are categorized as Level I through Level III, building upon each other to offer both fundamental and more advanced coach specific training.

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The coaching paradigm transforms the way we communicate and build community. Our Wednesday night classes offer a broad range of Kingdom-minded training for everyday believers that draws upon and cultivates the heart of a coach. For our events listing click here.
• 1st year AMT: Coaching Skills for Kingdom Life (a Level I coaching workshop)
• 2nd year AMT and Coaching Track (Levels 1-3)