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Bethel Coaching Courses


Level I Coaching Workshop:

This basic life-coaching skills training is tailor-made for the Revival Culture

Transform your communication style based on Jesus’ example of powerful questions! These coaching techniques provide the practical tools of the culture of honor. This is an inspirational and interactive training with exercises, demonstrations and class discussions, designed to give you confidence for immediate application. 


Key skills emphasized:

• Intuitive listening

• Asking great probing questions

• Conversational self-awareness

• Facilitating action for others

• Encouragement skills—Draw out the gold in others and challenge them to believe their own dreams!


Level II Coaching Workshop:

Take your coach training to the next level with this Level II Coach Training Intensive. As step two in the Bethel Coach Training Program, this two-day workshop is packed full of interactive coach training sessions designed to augment and build upon Level I Coach Training. Facilitated by professional coach and trainer, David Smith, the aim and emphasis of this workshop is to provide extensive practice with feedback to build confidence and competence in core coaching skills. Participants will work from the book, Coaching Questions, by Tony Stoltzfus. This book can be purchased at the workshop. Successful completion of Bethel Coaching Level I – Coaching Skills for Kingdom Life, or coach training equivalent, is required as a prerequisite to this course.


Level III Coaching Workshops:

    Empowering Spiritual Growth

A significant part of the destiny of every follower of Jesus is to be transformed into His likeness. As Christian life coaches we have a remarkable opportunity to come alongside other apprentices of Jesus and empower them to realize their amazing potential in Him. Come join professional coach, Dave Smith, for this two-day training course and learn how the coach approach can enhance conversations with others to help them grow spiritually.  The first six sessions of this course will focus on deepening participant’s understanding of the coach approach and transformation in Christ. The remaining six sessions will focus on various tools and concepts coaches can use to help clients engage the process God has them in. Since this is an advanced coach training course, participants should have completed at least an introductory course in coaching. A Participant’s Manual accompanies this course. It will be available for purchase on site and is in addition to the cost of the workshop. Other recommended reading is Faith Coaching – A Conversational Approach to Helping Others Move Forward in Faith, by Chad Hall, Bill Copper, and Kathryn Mc Elveen.


    Destiny Discovery

Each of us were created by God for a unique part only we can play in his Kingdom. Want to become equipped to coach others into discovering that destiny? This two-day workshop will take coaches and coaches-in-training into the heart of helping others discover their unique mission in life. Come join professional coach, Dave Smith, for this interactive, discovery orientated workshop and be introduced to a destiny discovery model and coaching tools for helping others become clearer as to their own life purpose and calling. The content for this training is drawn from Tony Stoltzfus’ book, Christian Life Coaching Handbook. This book can be purchased at the workshop. A prerequisite for participating in this workshop is Coaching Skills for Kingdom Life – a Bethel Coaching Level I coach training course.


    Coaching The Calling Journey

Using master coach and trainer Tony Stoltzus’ book, The Calling Journey, this 2-day, highly interactive, discovery orientated workshop is designed to equip Christian Coaches and coaches-in-training with a framework and tools for helping other followers of Christ navigate the journey towards their destiny fulfillment. The Calling Journey model provides key insights along with a set of go-to tools that can help others engage their life journey in Christ well.



Foundations in Christian Life Coaching:

For those unable to travel to Bethel to take in our training here locally, Bethel Coaching’s director, David Smith has launched an online academy providing an additional way to benefit from some great coach training, and do so from the comfort of your own home. Beginning January 16 David is starting another run of his flagship course, Foundations in Christian Life Coaching. This 12 week course is equivalent to Level 1 and 2 workshops done here at Bethel and provides a great introduction to the coach approach.


Empowering Destiny Discovery:

For those who have been through Levels 1 and 2 workshops or completed Foundations in Christian Life Coaching, this 12 week, Level 3 course is being provided online as an opportunity for you to advance your training as a Spirit-empowered coach. This course will walk participants through a model for facilitating life purpose discovery for those they coach. Based on a biblical concept of calling, students will be introduced to a perspective and tools for helping others gain clarity around their purpose and calling in Christ.


Coaching Mentorship:

Coaching starts with a great heart for people. In addition, performing well as a coach comes through practice with feedback. Beginning February 1, Bethel Coaching Director, David Smith, will be hosting another 12 week coaching mentorship class designed to build confidence and competence as a coach through practice and immediate feedback. It is also a great opportunity to get personally mentored by Dave. This class is limited to a maximum of 10 participants and is one of two ways to fulfill the mentor coaching requirement for certification through Bethel Coaching. To qualify, participants must have completed foundational training in coaching (i.e. Level I and II workshops or equivalent).


Requirements for Receiving a Certificate of Completion of Coach Training

1. Successfully complete Level I – Coaching Skills for Kingdom Life

2. Successfully complete Level II – Coach Training Intensive

3. Successfully complete two Level III Coach Training Courses

4. Successfully complete and document a minimum of 25 hours of individual coaching

with two or more people

  • These coaching hours are to be based on a more formal coaching agreement

(verbal or written) with another person, not simply a casual conversation where

some coaching skills may be utilized.

  • Hours need to be documented listing date, the name of the person being

coached and the number of hours coached. An Excel document or equivalent is

preferred for documentation.

5. Submittal of two 500 word book reports on Leadership Coaching and Coaching

Questions, both by Tony Stoltzfus.

6. Successfully complete a minimum of three (3) hours of mentor coaching with a

Certified Bethel Coach Trainer or Certified Bethel Coach

  •  A per-session fee will be included for the mentor coach’s time.
  •  These sessions involve the applicant coaching a third person (of their choice)

while the mentor coach observers.

  •  Sessions will be 45 minutes of coaching with a 15 minute evaluation debrief lead

by the mentor coach.

  •  It is recommended the mentor sessions be spread out over the process of

accumulating the 25 hours of coaching practice so that feedback can be applied

in the coaching practice sessions.

7. Finally, all applicants must be signed off by a Certified Bethel Coach Trainer

Note: Although not specifically required for certification, additional peer coaching practice (pairing up with another coach-in- training and taking turns coaching each other and giving feedback) is strongly encouraged for all those pursuing this certificate of completion. This would be in addition to the 25 hours of documented coaching required.


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